I'm Ramon Marin, climber, designer and art director based in London. Originally from Catalunya, I moved to the UK to pursue my career in graphic design. Ironically, it was here where my passion for climbing really took off.

Both my climbing and design career have been intrinsically linked throughout my life. I was 14 when I first discovered climbing, but it wasn't until my later teens that I started to get out exploring the Catalan mountains. Later I moved to Barcelona, where pursuing my passion for design took over. Design was my focus for a good decade, which took me from Spain to Italy, where I lived for two years, and then to London, where I'm a freelance creative now. I've been lucky enough to have some amazing clients in the past twenty years, some of which are Nike, Levi's, Claridge's Hotel, British Airways, Mulberry and Stella McCartney. In recents years climbing has been a bigger part of my life; the journey of self-discovery, the wild places and the friendships I've forged along the way: they all have had a powerful influence on me. These experiences keep luring me into this wonderful world of adventure. Despite my late start and relatively short climbing career, what I didn't have in time and talent, I've made it up with energy and motivation.

Number crunching

Sport Climbing: Redpoint 8a / Onsight 7c+
Trad Climbing: E8 Headpoint / E6 Flash
Mixed Climbing: M13+ redpoint / M11 Onsight
Ice Climbing: Wi6+
Scottish Winter: VIII, 8
Ranked 27th in Ice Climbing World Cup (Saas Fee)

Route sending

Cryophobia M8+/Wi6. Canadian Rockies.
The Real Big Drip M8/Wi6. Canadian Rockies.
Mehr Power Wi6+. Kandersteg, Switzerland.
Reise Integral Wi6. Kandersteg, Switzerland.
Kraftwerk Wi6 (first ascent). Kandersteg, Switzerland.
Steel Koan M13+. Canadian Rockies.
Neolithic M11 (Onsight). Canadian Rockies.
Yukan II E7. Nesscliffe, UK.
Lazarus E6 (Flash). Cornwall, UK.
Sundance VIII, 8. Scotland, UK.
Sawinful Sindicate 7c+ (Onsight). Kalymnos, Greece.

Route dreaming

Flying Circus M10 (Trad). Kandersteg, Switzerland
Crack Baby Wi6. Kandersteg, Switzerland
Anything on Stanley Headwall, Canada.
My Piano E8. Nesscliffe, UK
Right Wall E5. North Wales, UK.
Darkinbad the Brightdayler E5. Cornwall, UK
K&S Special E6. Mingulay, Scotland.
Totem Pole, Tasmania.
Supercool 8a+. Gordale Scar, UK
And many, many more...